Chewing Insects

Yellow Striped Army Worm


Yellow Striped Army Worm- The adult moths have a 2 inch wingspan. The back wings are bright white, outlined in a darker color. Adults look very much like the fall army worm. They have three lines on their back with an orange stripe on each side and […]

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Tomato Pinworm


Tomato Pinworm- Adults are gray colored moths about 1/4″ long and larvae are orange in the beginning and then they become purple to black as they mature. Larvae are about 1/4″ in size. The feeding habits of the larvae cause damage similar to that of the leafminer’s. […]

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Tomato Horn Worm


Tomato Horn Worm– also known as the Tobacco Horn Worm. Adults are very large, large enough to be confused as hummingbirds, with a 5″ wingspan. They are very fast flying hawk moths. Larvae are large and similar with seven diagonal stripes on the tobacco horn worm and […]

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Texas Leafcutting Ant


Texas Leaf cutting Ant– The leaf cutting ant is a rusty brown color and will vary in size. The queen is about 3/4 of an inch long and worker ants will range from 1/4 to 1/2 inch long. They colonize in well drained sandy soils. Each colony […]

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Serpentine Leafminer


Serpentine Leafminer– The adults are small flies that are 1/8 inch long in size. With a black and yellow thorax with a black head. Adults can fly very quickly for short distances when disturbed. The larvae is a maggot type, 1/8 inch long, white with no legs […]

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Pepper Weevil


Pepper Weevil– Adults are black weevils with a small cover of tan to gray hairs about 1/8 inch long. Larvae are small, white and, grub-like with brown heads. The damage is located in the seed area of the pepper. This is a chewing insect.

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Imported Cabbage Worm


Imported Cabbage Worm- They present as white butterflies that have few black spots on their front wings with black to gray on their wing tips. Back wings have a single spot at the front edge of each wing. Typical worms travel without the looping motion. Larvae are […]

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Garden Web Worm


Garden Web Worms- Are moths with odd markings of shades of gray. Wingspread is about 3/4 of an inch wide. The worms are very active at night attracted to street lights as well as a landscape lighting. Can be found in fields flying from place to place […]

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Grasshoppers feed on crops. They differ greatly in size and color. Most grasshoppers overwinter in the egg stage. The nymph is common in the early part of the year. They may be attracted to gardens or landscape areas during hot dry weather. They can and will strip […]

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Flea Beetles


Flea Beetles– Adults are approximately 1/16 of an inch long; some are entirely black and some are brown-black with lighter markings. The larvae are very small, skinny and white with a black band, and three pairs of legs. They will create numerous round or irregular holes in […]

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